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New Design for Fuel Efficient Piston Engines
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Contribute to the ongoing development of an innovative engine technology break-thru that contributes to a cleaner environment, improved fuel economy, and more power.

Contributions Welcomed for a Progressive Green Technology
We welcome your contributions. For those who want to be a part of a progressive technology that dramatically improves the fuel economy of automobiles and other vehicles while also reducing emissions, this is your chance to be involved. A technology that provides an enormous and beneficial impact on our environment, and our wallets too, when the automobile and engine manufacturers begin producing this technology which is ready and needed now. Worldwide concerns for pollutants have us all looking for a means to protect the Earth from the human activity of progress that has made all our lives better in many ways. Although, under continued development and testing, this technology is ready to be turned over to the Engine Industry, but additional funding nevertheless is required to support our ongoing development and marketing. This is your chance to contribute to a worthwhile cause which we all want and need, a technology that we can all appreciate which affects our everyday lives.

To get in touch with email comments or suggestions
Comments and/or individual or group involvements are encouraged to help advance this new and progressive technology. Regrettably, we are not able to directly respond to all email requests at this time. But, please feel free to email us your comments or involvement interest.

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