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New Design for Fuel Efficient Piston Engines
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Environmental Advantages
The Yoke-Arm Technology for piston engines, air compressors, and air conditioners is positioned to make a substantial and positive impact on our environment while conserving valuable energy reserves. Computer modeling, validated by preliminary prototype testing, shows that the increased combustion efficiencies made possible by the extra piston dwell now provide considerably more fuel economy plus more power for the same fuel charge. This translates to much better fuel efficiencies for all conventional piston engines including piston driven aircraft engines.

The increased fuel economy and power for the same fuel charge provide significant reductions in emissions also while helping to protect our environment. Such substantial improvements in fuel economy will in turn decrease our dependence on foreign oil reserves, improve our economy, while also preserving a very valuable natural resource. Petroleum, as a limited natural resource, can now be better utilized to make the things we all enjoy such as plastics, clothing fabrics, construction materials including asphalt, paints and such, valuable medicines and the many other things that increase the quality of life for everyone. And, an important benefit is less dependence on foreign oil.

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